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Quarterly Review Program
– Boost the Coop

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Each quarter we will give evaluations and raises to all Hourly employees, including Cooks, Cashiers, Crew Trainers, and Assistant Managers, based on key metrics managed as a team and as an individual. Team Members will be eligible for up to a $0.38 hourly raise EVERY QUARTER or up to a $1.52 raise per year!

Annual Increase Potential — Industry Standard vs. BOOST the COOP








Team Metrics:

Speed of service in the Drive Thru, Efficiency in Cost of Goods, Efficiency in Productivity, and Customer Service Metrics as a TEAM. The better the store performs, the more compensation increases.


Individual Metrics:

Consistency in Attendance, Average Hours Worked Weekly and being 100% completed in training on Zaxby’s University.

Evaluations will be completed Monthly based on the most recent hire date:

  • Group 1 - January, April, July, October

  • Group 2 - February, May, August, November

  • Group 3 - March, June, September, and December

*Hire Date - Refer to prism profile (where you view your paystubs) for the hire date; if you have any questions, email


Manage Availability and Schedules

Paystub/W2 Access


This document explains to employees how to change availability or request time off for Teamwork

Print and Fill Out and email to payroll

Instructions on how to access paystubs and W2 information

Complete and email to Payroll

Bi-weekly pay schedule includes Pay-dates and Pay-periods.

Any leave longer than 2 weeks must be formally requested using this link



4510 NW 6th place Ste 3, Gainesville, FL 32607



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